Frequently Asked Questions

What is Velocity Nurfwars?

-We are an event hosting service that hosts Nerf battle events.  All equipment is provided.  

Where are you located?

-We bring the event to the location of your choice anywhere in the Chicago Area and Suburbs. We can help you find venues and inform you of locations that we have been at in the past.


What type of events do you host?

-Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, Bachelor Parties, etc.

What game modes are available?

-Including but not limited to "Capture the Flag", "Timed Team Match", and "Elimination".

What ages are allowed to participate?

-Ages 6+ is recommended.

How much does it cost?

-Our pricing is per person per hour of actual play time, it is dependent on the age group and group size. Venue costs are not included in the price.  Please Call or Email us for detailed prices.

Do the foam balls hurt when they hit you?

-No, They are made out of foam. Eye protection is provided.

Do you arrive early to set up? 

-Yes, we ideally allow 30 minutes to set up, and 30 minutes to clean up (we do the cleanup)

How much space do you need to set up the event?

-There is no strict requirement.  We recommend at least a 40' x 40' space. 

What is the minimum/maximum group size?

-The minimum group size is 6 participants.

Do you provide insurance?

-Yes, many venues will require the certificate and we can send by email.

Will you do outdoor events? What about inclement weather?

-There will be no charge, we can reschedule if a new date is chosen.


Which forms of payment are accepted?

-Credit, Debit, Cash, no personal checks 

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